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PROPERTY: Outstanding Fife

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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about properties in Stirling. PROPERTY: Outstanding Fife cottage on the banks of the River Eden.

PROPERTY: Outstanding FifeA pair of derelict cottages and an old byre near the village of Dairsie were combined into a stunning family home. The gardens are just as special, stretching down to the banks of the River Eden. Jack McKeown explores a glorious corner of Fife.

There could be a picture of Lydox Mill Cottage next to the word “idyllic” in the dictionary.

When I step out of my car outside the picturesque home, golden retriever Nesta ambles over for a lean against my legs and a head scratch, owner Alex Robertson waves from within the stone workshop where he designs golf clubs, and in the background a stream tinkles happily as it flows towards the River Eden at the foot of the garden.

Lydox Mill Cottage sits on a quiet country lane just outside Dairsie and close to Cupar.

It was converted in the year 2000 by combining two derelict cottages and a former byre into a single three-bedroom family home.


Alex and Frances Robertson bought it in 2015, at which point it was in need of a complete overhaul.

“Although it was only converted in 2000 it had been neglected for a long time,” Frances explains. “It was sold in 2003 to a couple who then moved to Devon and rented it out. The tenants didn’t look after it very well and the house became pretty run down. It then sat empty for around a year until we bought it.”

Alex takes up the story: “When we viewed it the garden was a jungle. You had to hack your way through. The front door was jammed shut. I was dubious but Frances saw the potential in it.”

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